The Dutch commercial real estate market has a need for non-bank loans, especially for loans with a principal of under EUR 20 million. Rax Finance provides loans at attractive conditions. As Rax Finance, we participate in each loan we issue.

Our approach

We work effectively and efficiently, given our discretionary mandate for the Debt Funds and efficiently structured processes. This efficient and decisive approach enables us to offer loan products the commercial real estate market is seeking for.

Quick and certain

As a result of our extensive and in-depth experience with a proven track record we understand the importance of speed and certainty for investors. The in-house knowledge of all aspects of the market, allows us to act quickly. Often, we succeed in closing transactions within two weeks.

For professional Investors

Our loan products are available for (inter)national professional real estate investors and developers. We finance both individual objects and entire portfolios. With the loans we provide we create attractive investment products. By splitting risk and return, we are able to offer a variety of financing possibilities.


We provide investment loans and bridge loans from approximately EUR 1.000.000 to EUR 20.000.000 for real estate within the Netherlands.

Investment loans are available for leased real estate objects on good quality locations. We offer terms of 3 to 7 years, with rates starting from 4% per annum.

Bridge loans are offered for properties (including land positions). The typical terms for this product are between 6 and 36 months with interest rates starting from 6% annually.


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