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Investing in Dutch property funds

Rax Finance was founded in 2019 by experienced real estate and finance professionals who have collectively structured and managed more than €2 billion of real estate and finance transactions in the Dutch market. The company was founded to respond to the increasing need for alternative real estate financing in the Dutch market. This market is specifically suited for this due to the limited number of providers of mainstream and alternative real estate financiers. As a result, Rax Finance sees opportunities to structure secure loan investments through mortgage rights for both institutional investors and private investors.



The company is professionally structured with governance at the institutional level. Decision-making takes place according to established frameworks, both for new lending and portfolio management. The processes are audited. Compliance with laws and regulations is monitored by an external compliance officer. Best-in-class software is used for loan management. The administrative organization is the responsibility of a registered controller.


Track record

Since inception, approximately 70 loans have been granted with a total volume of approximately EUR 300 million. The track record is excellent: to date, all loans have been repaid as agreed and there have been no write-offs.

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Rax Finance provides loans between EUR 1 and 20 million from its discretionary managed CRE debt funds. These loans are mainly senior bridge loans. Rax Finance holds a substantial stake in its funds. The interests of investors and manager are therefore aligned. All loans in this fund are securitized with right of first mortgage.


Special products

Furthermore, customized partnerships are possible for loans from EUR 10 million. Rax Finance has a large and high quality and is well versed in the Dutch real estate market. In addition, we have extensive experience in structuring loans across the capital stack. We make our network and platform available to structure such collaborations. Institutional investors can thus benefit from our local knowledge, network and platform. In addition, we participate with a junior position in such loans.

Rax Finance. Funding growth.

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